A review of Lady Gaga’s studio albums

If you want to learn more about Lady Gaga and some of the most legendary pop albums in the United States, keep reading here in Pop Culture & Halloween Events CO!

The Fame

This album is the debut record of Lady Gaga that turned her into a staple artist in the music industry. It spawned the hits Poker Face and Just Dance where the former even became a diamond single, meaning it sold over 10,000,000 copies. 

This album had one goal in mind; to make Lady Gaga the artist she is today. Once you listen to this record, you can immediately say that every song is made to become a hit. Even songs like ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’, ‘Money Honey’ and ‘Beautiful Dirty, Rich’ are all lead single-worthy. 

The Fame Monster

TFM or better known as The Fame Monster is an EP album, which is mostly considered a continuation of Lady Gaga’s first studio album. In this record, you can expect to hear more dark sounds since each song would tackle problems and struggles about love, health, friends, and mental health issues. 

This album spawned the hit single Bad Romance, and even though the song didn’t reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, it still managed to be one of the best singles and music videos of all time. 

Born This Way

Throughout the career of Lady Gaga, she made sure that the LGBTQIA+ community would feel loved and included. When she released the album entitled Born This Way in 2011, it became a love letter to her queer fans. The album together with the single of the same name peaked at number 1 for several weeks on the Billboard charts. 


A lot of people consider Applause as a flop album in the United States, but if we compare it to other artists, the sales say otherwise. The album still peaked at number 1 and produced a top 5 hit. However, we can’t deny that this was a hard time for Gaga since she released this album only months after her hip injury during the Born This Way ball.


Through the Joanne album, we can see a stripped-back version of Lady Gaga. this was a pivotal moment in her career since this prepared her for one of the best soundtrack albums of all time, A star is Born. Just like her previous albums, Joanne debuted at number 1 in the Billboard hot 100 and spawned hits like Million Reasons and John Wayne. 


According to Lady Gaga, this is not only a dance album but a great record to listen to especially if you want healing and peace. We in Pop Culture & Halloween Events CO recommend this album if you happen to be a fan of songs that tackle mental health issues. 

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