Special FX Makeup Manager – Seasonal

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Special FX Makeup Manager – Seasonal

Now accepting applications for the Thirteenth Floor Haunted House Denver
Special FX Makeup Manager role.
This Special FX Makeup Manager role is a seasonal, part-time role at the
Haunted House.

It takes a stellar, hard-working team of Special FX makeup artists about three
hours to prepare a cast of more than 50 performers every show night. This is a
fast-paced, fun environment, and the timing of the makeup crew is essential.
We are looking for an organized and experienced makeup artist to lead this team
to success on almost every show night this Halloween season. The Makeup
Manager will help train, schedule, manage and motivate artists throughout the
season. The Makeup Manager is expected to be the first of their team to arrive
onsite and the last to leave. They will setup up stations and deliver updates to the department before the shift begins. The Makeup Manager will also apply makeup to actors while managing the timing of other artists. This position requires both creativity and careful time management. While most actor looks at Thirteenth Floor Haunted House Denver are designed before the season begins, the Makeup Manager will, at times, need to make on the spot decisions in order to direct her team in ensuring all actors get to places on time for show opening. The Makeup Manager will supervise all makeup artists making sure they are using safe and sanitary techniques.
The company will provide all makeup application and sanitation supplies within budgetary constraints. The Makeup Manager has a
critical role on the production team and must work closely with the Wardrobe
Manager on a nightly basis in order to finalize looks for each character.
In addition to overseeing the makeup department, the makeup manager is
expected to treat each actor respectfully and provide tips for post-application skin care. The Makeup Manager is considered a senior leader on the Thirteenth Floor Denver Haunted House team, and as a leader, they are expected to lead by
example, to follow safety standards, to act and appear professionally when at
work, carry a positive attitude and to be a team player
Applicants must be proficient and possess skills in basic special effects makeup.
Preferable knowledge of and hands-on experience with airbrush, prosthetic
application, Skin Illustrator, latex, gelatin and silicone appliances, and/or Pros
Aide transfers. Makeup artists selected will have the opportunity to work with the
best products available in a professional setting.

The Makeup Manager is paid position who works about 6 hours per show night.
There are about 40 select show nights beginning September 13 through
November 8.

To Apply:
Please send a resume, portfolio and/or photographs of your work to Amy
Hollaman, General Manager at amy.hollaman@thirteenthfloor.com .
Phone calls are not accepted.
Accepting resumes until June 21, 2019.
All applicants must be 18 years old or older and sign a non-disclosure
agreement. Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is an Equal Opportunity /
Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for
employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status, or other
status protected by law or regulation.
Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group participates in E-Verify as required by law.
3400 E 52nd Ave, Denver, CO 80216-2402, United States

Business Phone Number: 303-355-3327
ZIP Code: 80216
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