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With AtmosFX Digital Decorations®, you now have the awesome power of dynamic, professional animation available to you for unique (and mess-free!) celebrations – any time of year.

All that is needed is a projector or television set, and anyone can turn a home, office, or other environment into a dynamic, one-of-a-kind atmospheric experience. What’s more, the multitude of effects on every AtmosFX digital download or DVD ensures years of entertaining potential.

AtmosFEARfx focuses on Halloween. There are 15 AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations to choose from, ranging from scary to family-friendly. Each one will turn any home or party into an unforgettable event.

AtmosCHEERfx focuses on the winter holidays, and the many other festive celebrations millions of people enjoy throughout the year. There are 8 lighthearted AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations to choose from, perfect for use year-after-year.

AtmosGEAR are decoration boosters, products intended to enhance any digital decoration experience. Fun and easy-to-use, AtmosGEAR makes spooky e­ffects spookier, and cheery e­ffects cheerier.

AtmosFX Digital Decorations are so versatile, you can use them almost anywhere, indoors and out – on your TV, your windows, even pumpkins. There are six basic ways to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations. But that is only the start. No matter what you are celebrating, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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Custom Fangz

Super-Realisic Fangz Custom To Your Mouth
Not One Size Fits all

Design Your Own Fangz!! Simply Sketch Your Fangz With Our Design Kit And Send Back To Us For Your Creation!!

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Distortions Unlimited

Discover Distortions Hidden in an industrial warehouse in Greeley, Colorado. Distortions Unlimited’s owners, Ed and Marsha Edmunds, and their talented crew make monsters. Their quality props, masks and creations have been a mainstay of the dark amusement industry since 1978. Long creative hours are spent in gray-walled offices with brain-eating hunchbacks, wall-scaling zombies and docile 3-foot tall aliens. The working environment looks more like a nightmare factory than a place of business, and was recently featured on the reality show “Making Monsters” that aired on The Travel Channel.

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Myths N’ Monsters is Denver’s Newest Horror and Special Effects House. Founded by Denver haunted house staple actor, Designer, and special effects artist Christopher Rathbun.

Christopher was a founding member of another Denver effects house with some of his fellow effects masterminds. Over time it became clear that the group where all heading in different directions. After parting ways Chris launched wholeheartedly into the creation of his own brand of custom creations. Masks, Music, Cosplay, Foam Weaponry, and more. Nothing is off limits to Myths N’ Monsters studio.

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Commanding Cosplay, LLC

Putting her love of theatre and costuming to use, Colleen loves to create phenomenal cosplays. Her mediums include Worbla for armoring, wood for weapon bases, and fabric, feathers, beads and much more for costuming. She creates for herself, her family, and by commission. To get more information about a possible commission, please message Commanding Cosplay LLC on Facebook or email at

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Wings, Charms, Things

Welcome to Wings, Charms, and Things!

As you can tell from our name we sell wings, oh so many wings. We have Dragon, Feather, and Fairy Wings to choose from a number of colors and patterns. All wings are worn with adjustable straps like a backpack, are wired so that you can pose them, and condense down small for storage. Perfect for everyday use or as costume accessories.

With these wings you just can’t lose. And the best part, because they’re bendable you can always fix them if they get knocked out of shape, so no worrying about them getting damaged in a crowd. What’s more there are no sharp edges that can poke through the fabric and are super lightweight. For children 3 to 103, you don’t need a holiday to dress up too; these wings are good year round.

Wings not your thing, not to worry; We have lots of charms you can choose from to make your own unique charm bracelet or necklace, these charms can even be used on cell phones, keychains, and zipper pulls for that extra special decoration.

Let’s not forget about our custom made Storyboards, these are custom made quilts, table runners, banners, placemats, and more. You get to choose the series/pattern and the colors, it’s made just the way you want and we can mix and match designs to fit your needs. We can even do Storyboards with your own art for a bit extra. You can also get them in two styles: embroidered and bleached. (Just note that these take time to make so please order well in advance, especially near the holidays.)

And Finespun Fables, these unique lace horns and ears. Check out the page to see our newest items.

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Address: Denver CO
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Bloodlust Productions

Bloodlust Productions – We are special FX artists that specialize in set design, make up, special FX, and produce costumes, masks, props, furniture, apparel, and more!

Bloodlust Productions isn’t just any ordinary special effects company! We are a company that strives on creating the most unique, hand crafted, one of a kind, horror creations for all you gore whore’s out there!

Not only do we create the most durable and reliable silicone & latex masks for haunt goers & enthusiast, the sexiest Halloween wear, & some of the strangest props, we also create an abundance of our Dead Threadz furniture, apparel, & accessories; like head wear, footwear, 3D silicone costume wear, swimwear. Don’t forget our personal necessities like wallets, purses, home improvement and much much more!!

Business Phone Number: (303) 856-3842
Address: Brighton CO
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Worped Studios

The Arachideads are human spider like creatures.  They will terroize you by crawliing on the floor, wall or ceiling!  Click on the images above to see a bigger picture of what is currently available for purchase.  There are both static and animatronic creatures

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Business Phone Number: 720-201-7867