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Scotty Wiese Magic LLC

Scotty Wiese constantly performs magic in a variety of settings including Corporate Events, Adult Parties, Restaurants, Special Holiday Events, and more. Scotty blends his extraordinary card magic, mentalism, comedy, and upbeat personality to create a unique form of entertainment and experience like no other.

Bill Coleman Entertainment

Stilt walkers, Giant Parade Puppets, Dancing Christmas Trees and bubbles

Greggo’s Game Shows

I’ve been two things my entire life: an entertainer and a nerd. I’ve been hosting game shows in one form or another since I was five years old, beginning with “Family Feud” games on the chalkboard in preschool. When I attended my first anime convention in 1998 and sat in on a trivia show put on by a well-meaning but not particularly audience-friendly group, I decided I’d give it a go. “Anime Match Game” would debut the next year at the same convention.

Eighteen years later, I’m still doing it.

At last count I’ve hosted game shows at events in 28 states, along with France and Canada, entertaining as many audiences as possible, doing what I do best. I’ve still got a ways to go to catch famed anime voice actor and convention veteran Tiffany Grant, whose goal is to do a convention in every state, but I’m working on it.

And besides, Wyoming still doesn’t have an anime convention.
2 So. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

Mutiny Information Cafe

The 2 S Broadway building has been around since 1904. It was originally a grocery store. It also has been a soda fountain, pharmacy, dance studio amd more. It has stretched from Broadway to the alley. The building has been home to bookstores for at least the last 30 years; Mutiny Now, Ichabod’s Books & Mrs. Crain’s Coffee, and others.

Take a break from the day and sit in our window, watch people, have a coffee, play a game of pinball, or chill on the couch, relax.

Rocky Horror Denver
Home of Denver’s premier Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast!

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile is a two piece power house out of Denver Colorado. Mixing Dark Synth Pop and a subtle 80’s overtone.DD+MV is a fresh take on the electronic field of music.

The Enigma is a legendary performer particularly at music festivals and tattoo conventions. His show is based on circus and tattoo culture which defines pop culture today. Cultivating audiences for over 20 years around the globe, The Enigma has literally changed the face of live entertainment.

A founding member of Jim Rose Circus, The Enigma has toured the world many times over performing at festivals, theaters, and rock venues. i.e. Nine Inch Nails tour of the US, highest grossing show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival two years in a row, opening for David Bowie, etc.. Making his Prime Time television debut on the X-files in ’95, The Enigma has been on many talk shows and breakfast news shows around the world.

“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!” and Guinness World Records have also carried his image.

When you think of extreme, wild, out of this world entertainers, The Enigma stands out as the leader of his art form. He is an historic legend in body modification, circus sideshow, and tattooing, and leads the pack in that “do it yourself” renasaince style. As a refined talent of over 20 years in the business you can see that he continues to amaze and inspire. The Enigma’s cult status and huge following will grow organically over the years as he constantly gives to the art world.

Slim Cyborg the living Cyborg

He was an android sent back from the future to the present to achieve a directive. A malfunction happened & he was trnasformed into an organic being. Now he feels pain & emotion. He performs for you on stage to show how he now feels emotions by doing future acts of Sideshow for your entertainment.