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1 W FlatIron Crossing Drive, Space # 2040 Broomfield, CO 80021

Box Lunch

BoxLunch is a civic-minded web + brick and mortar based specialty retailer offering a curated collection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise. With every $10 spent on our pop culture-themed product offering of apparel, accessories, home goods, gift and novelty, and collectibles, BoxLunch will help provide a meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks

TheMADbombers Bath Products To DIE For!

Specializing in handmade bath products!

BottleCap Graphics~ Whimsical Art & Collectibles

BottleCap Graphics is the home of Denver based designer Julie Hamilton and Sasha the Studio Cat. This shop contains our quirky and loveable collection of original art in the form of posters, postcards, stickers, plushies and other fun items. It is part of my ongoing effort to make a living by doing what I love most…creating! All items are handmade by me, so you can count on each piece being unique and having its own personality.
5663 S. Prince Street
Littleton, CO

Reinke Brothers. Its not just a store… its an adventure!


303 795 5006
451 Broadway
Denver, CO

The Wizard’s Chest

The entirety of the upper environs of the castle is devoted to our costume, make-up and accessory departments. There are hundreds of complete costumes for customers for sale, as well as hats, wigs and masks to help complete your look. The Wizard’s Chest also boasts a complete theatrical make-up counter, with high quality, professional-grade products, and a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions. Dress-up and creative play is a wonderful part of being a kid. At The Wizard’s Chest, knights, princesses, astronauts, and superheroes are always in good supply to help a world of make-believe come to life.

The lower realms of The Castle is where you will find all of those other wonders! A hands-ON play environment is encouraged throughout the whole store, and it is a rare day if you do not find someone juggling, spinning a Diabolo, or playing a new game with a staff member. Wind-up toys rattle across table tops, one of the in-house magicians astounds a budding Houdini, a young engineer buys her first solar robot kit, and a group of friends conquer an army of orcs in the corner. Just another beautiful day at The Wizard’s Chest! New games are open for perusal, as well as magic tricks, books, jigsaw puzzles, puppets, stuffed animals and science toys.

Eye Soar Images and Creations
We are a group of individuals seeking to provide a once in a lifetime experience with our creations. Most of our images are created by our main artist, William Wyman who is legally blind.  The partial vision he has causes him to use a strong magnifying glass to draw and paint. The mediums in which are used vary from watercolor paint to colored pencil giving his images that smooth textured look.
Our handcrafted coffin tables and cabinets are a must have for any horror fan and our custom designs are among the very best in the business. Benjamin Colvin can take any idea on paper and make it a reality for your home.  His one of a kind designs and clocks have gained him a mass following. Take a look at all we have to offer and share your design ideas with us, we would love to make them come to life.
7517 Hwy. 86 Unit B
Franktown, CO

Pottery by Chaucy

Pottery by Chaucy is a spunky and imaginative company focused on producing high quality, functional stoneware pottery.  With a wide array of designs ranging from earthy primitives, like country barn scenes and aspen trees – to whimsical florals and mushrooms, Chaucy truly captures the essence of nature while also incorporating her unique flare for life. We believe the key to success lies in developing and maintaining genuine relationships with our customers, employees, the community, and our environment.

Prim and Grim is an annual vendor at the Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, Colorado. We have had the honor of sharing our creepy chic adornments and décor with many horror icons including Ari Lehman, Lisa and Louise Burns, and Dan Myrick. One of our ventriloquist dummy lamps, “Edgar”, is even on permanent display at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, Colorado! We are also a proud member of the Etsy Massacre Team, the first group on Etsy for artists who make horror movie inspired items.