Darkside Salida Ghost Tours

Date(s) - 06/12/2019
8:00 pm

Salida Walking Tour


Darkside Salida Ghost Tours

Salida has a tarnished history. This town wasn’t always about great recreation, art, and shopping. We’ll pull back the curtain, and explore the dark and the vice, rather than the fun and the nice.

Cringe at the grisly saga of Salida’s only serial killer
See the place where 6 women & children died
Discover details of 2 devastating fires that destroyed Salida
Visit locations of active ghost hauntings
Be shocked at how a 4-foot oak club kept the railyard safe
Walk the site of a gruesome lynching
Hear bloody tales of murders and horrific train accidents
Uncover specifics about Salida’s colorful history, including brothels, saloons & opium dens
* This tour may not be suitable for young children, the squeamish, or those who are easily frightened.